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From Rock To Punk And Back Again The Crown Inn, Ilminster on Fri 12th Jul 2013

If you like live music, why else would you be here, and if you are down in the SW this is a must see band. They are a bit of a one-off: joyful, 'punky' folk would be the nearest I could get to describing their music, but, like all the best bands, it is better to listen than to read.

I arrived late and they were in full swing. I'm a bit of a gear freak so I checked that out: exotic Italian PA, Barefaced bass cab, nice flamed guitar. The really impressive sound proved the mix was spot on and confirmed these guys knew what they were doing. With a professional start to the set up they carried the same level of competence through to their playing, delivering a tight sound indicating the rhythm section was working well.

The frontman - a fiddle player - didn't stop smiling all evening, and his interaction with the audience was smooth and practised. It was also obvious that the bass player and drummer were enjoying themselves too and although every band perhaps 'claim' to be lively, Eat the Rich actually deserve the description.

The band's set incorporated a lot of Irish folk songs with the fiddle mixed in with a real rock guitar sharing the lead and giving a feel that helped shift the emphasis from rock to punk and back again: Fairport Convention on acid and Phil Lynott on fiddle - covers, I suppose, but certainly not what you'd expect and all accomplished in their own style with a pinch of humour thrown in for good measure with the addition of a little Delilah and Britney Spears for fun.

Eat The Rich know exactly what they are doing and offer some real variety from the usual fare. Next time I go to hear them I'll be taking some friends with me. Great set chaps.

Phil Starr, Sat 13th Jul 2013

If it's a fun night you're after... The Park Hotel, Exmouth on Fri 11th May 12

The Park Hotel's page After a band shuffle, so to speak, and the addition of lead guitar to compliment Tim's lead on electric violin, Eat The Rich have become even better! Quite simply, if you want quality live music which gives rise to that urge to just get on the dance floor, then this is a must see band.

The gig at The Park Hotel had their usual mix of rock/folk with great "dance inducing" bass lines. "Word Up" sounded great as did some of the old favourites like "Black Betty", "Duelling Banjo's" and "Irish Rover". A newer track, "Delilah", (with an Eat The Rich twist on the Alex Harvey cover) showcased just how much fun this band are. Their material is varied, so there's something in there for everyone. I don't know of many live bands who veer from "Blackbird" by the Wurzels to Electric Six's "Gay Bar" and do it well!

You can tell the 5 of them (EDIT: How many drinks did you have Louise? There are only 4 of us!) are just having a blast playing music together and warmly invite the audience to join the vibe! Pop along and see them sometime - they're always fun!

Louise Tupman, Sat 12th May 12

Brilliant Original, Raucous & Fun - The Black Horse, Exeter on Fri 10th Feb 12

Their set list was pure genius including a very lively "If I Should Fall From Grace With God" by The Pogues; "Gay Bar" by Electric Six and even their own fusion of Muse and Britney with a great bass from Neil. Their version of "Shipping Up To Boston" by the Dropkick Murphy's is in the style of trad folk but with a heavy twist resulting in a heart thumping rendition with the most bizarre lyrics that is a personal favourite. Injecting short blasts such as "Ace of Spades" into "Duelling Banjos" adds spice to what is already a very tasty set. And it's all held together by Eddie's rock solid drumming.

If you think of some of the best drinking songs, with a huge dose of originality, played by four of Devon's most talented musicians, you'll have a pretty accurate picture of one of their gigs. They certainly put a smile on the faces of the crowd at The Black Bull that night.

To top it all they're such a warm and friendly bunch of guys who always seem to make time to chat with the audience.

All in all a brilliant gig...and we can't wait for the next instalment!

Ian & Elly, Tue 6th Mar 12

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